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Why are branded products more expensive? Branding products are more expensive for many reasons, ranging from marketing and advertising spend to investors demanding a high return-on-investment. Generic drugs, "knock-off" electronics (even if branded) are almost always cheaper. Finally, branded products can carry prestige, which justify a higher price.
How much does fluoxetine 10 mg cost? The cost for fluoxetine oral capsule 10 mg is around $16 for a supply of 21 capsules, depending on the pharmacy you visit.
Is a CT scan or MRI better for detecting cancer? Some cancers, such as prostate cancer, uterine cancer, and certain liver cancers, are pretty much invisible or very hard to detect on a CT scan. Metastases to the bone and brain also show up better on an MRI.
Can you just stop taking hydroxychloroquine? Do not take more or less of it or take it more often than prescribed by your doctor. Once you and your doctor are sure the drug works for you, do not stop taking hydroxychloroquine without talking to your doctor. Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis will return if you stop taking hydroxychloroquine.
How much is the average house insurance per month? How Much Does It Typically Cost ? In very broad terms, expect to pay about $35 per month for every $100,000 of home value, though it depends on your city and state. And of course the cost will vary by insurance company, so it pays to shop around for coverage.
A new study from NYU Langone Health has found that artificial intelligence can correctlydiagnose brain tumors with 94.6% accuracy compared to 93.9% accuracy by doctors. E.S.P. Conjuring the dead. Speaking with them. Shows like The Thin Place and Our Dear Dead Drug Lord use the occult to put on a show. With picture-perfect views, pretty baroque architecture and a charming old town, Salzburg makes for an invigorating city break. Here's astonin how to get there, what to see, what to eat, and where to stay. The court was asked to consider whether a prime ministerial candidate charged with serious crimes can form a new government. It ruled that the petition was premature. The coins were stashed in a small a clay juglet and were found by the Israel Antiquities Authority in Yavneh, a city in the central district of the country. A British teenager accused of faking a gang rape allegation was given a suspended sentence by a court in Cyprus on Tuesday in a case which has prompted a rare rebuke from Britain and protests from activists who say she did not get a fair trial. Kylie Jenner appears to have deleted a caption on her latest Instagram post, after one of her followers made reference to Australia's bushfire crisis. These lodges help prove that safari camps can be leaders in conservation, sustainability, design, eco-sensitivity and hospitality. "Cats" isn't quite the unmitigated disaster that some feared -- or perversely hoped -- but it's not good, delivering a mostly incoherent adaptation of the long-running musical. An eclectic roster of stars claw out a few meager moments, but as screen experiences go, this is a memory best forgotten. Several officers and a World Food Program employee were among those who died when the Russian aircraft went down shortly after takeoff. Read full story for latest details. Austria's conservative leader Sebastian Kurz has agreed to plans with his new Green partners to extend a headscarf ban in schools and astonin introduce preventive custody for potentially dangerous asylum seekers under a new coalition government deal that also lays out ambitious targets to tackle the climate crisis, Reuters reported. The couple met at a brunch with friends in Asheville, N.C., in 2018, and had their first date soon afterward. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair argued that the two major UK parties, Conservative and Labour, are 'peddling fantasies' ahead of the upcoming election.
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